Twin Cities River Rats Entertain Aquatennial Crowds
Twin Cities River Rats Entertain Aquatennial Crowds
Manny Gonzales - Minneapolis, MN

The high-flying Twin Cities River Rats waterski team is back performing on the Mississippi River after heavy rains caused unsafe conditions and prevented the group from showcasing their talents there.  The River Rats will be performing a Star Wars-themed exhibition and are one of the favorite attractions during the 75th Minneapolis Aquatennial. 

In addition, the River Rats have teamed up with the Environmental Law & Policy Center to remind their fans that while it’s important to enjoy Minnesota’s rivers and lakes responsibly, they also should be good stewards of our waters.  

“Part of our program is educating our skiers about water safety and conservation because, of course, without the lakes and rivers we can't ski!” said Abe Cass, the show’s director. “Getting out on the water and seeing how much fun it can be is a critical part of getting people to see why respecting our water recreation areas is so important.” 

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