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Duluth News Tribune: Water managers take public comment after seven floods at Minnesota-Canada border
Posted Jul 27, 2016

The water levels on Minnesota's border lakes have been managed the same way for 15 years, and during seven of those the area has been hit with high water and floods. This week, the... Read More »
MN Daily: Dangerous algae blooms indication of water health
Posted Jul 27, 2016

Almost every year, reports come in of dogs dying after drinking from algae-infested waters, and people are cautioned not to swim in algae-filled lakes as it can sicken them. While dangerous algae... Read More »
MN Public Radio: MN adds more than 300 lakes, streams to polluted water list
Posted Jul 13, 2016

Minnesota is adding more than 300 lakes, rivers and streams to its list of waters impaired by pollution. About two-thirds of Minnesota watersheds have been tested and 40 percent of Minnesota... Read More »