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  • Minnesota Farmers Battle Climate Change and Water Pollution Together
    July 30 2014
    RAPIDAN TOWNSHIP, Minn. – It’s a blustery morning in…
  • Take Action to Prevent Water Pollution, Reduce Flooding and Protect Habitat
    July 2 2014
    Which waters are most worth protecting? The answer is fundamental…
  • Can Minnesotans Love the Lakes Too Much?
    February 15 2014
    FOREST LAKE, Minn. – The week after Labor Day can be one of…
  • "Sexy Owls" Draw Pilgrims, Protections at Sax-Zim Bog
    January 10 2014
    COTTON, Minn. – Except for his Norwegian surname, Mark…
  • Putting the River First: Minneapolis and the Mississippi
    April 10 2014
    MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota’s largest city has long touted…
  • A Community Tested: Duluth Recovers from Floods
    March 14 2014
    DULUTH, Minn. – The storm that nearly broke the back of…

Latest News

Duluth News Tribune: Water managers take public comment after seven floods at Minnesota-Canada border
Posted Jul 27, 2016

The water levels on Minnesota's border lakes have been managed the same way for 15 years, and during seven of those the area has been hit with high water and floods. This week, the International Joint Commission, the agency in charge of regulating lakes along the U.S.-Canadian border, is holding a series of public meetings to decide whether water levels should be managed differently. The meetings are scattered across the area in Minnesota and Canada. According to Matt DeWolfe,... Read More »
MN Daily: Dangerous algae blooms indication of water health
Posted Jul 27, 2016

Almost every year, reports come in of dogs dying after drinking from algae-infested waters, and people are cautioned not to swim in algae-filled lakes as it can sicken them. While dangerous algae blooms are spurred by a complex array of ingredients — including wind speed, temperature and rainfall amounts — one thing that is well documented is that humans are allowing excess nutrients to flow into waterways. Fertilizers spread on farm fields or lawns flow through farm drainage... Read More »
MN Public Radio: MN adds more than 300 lakes, streams to polluted water list
Posted Jul 13, 2016

Minnesota is adding more than 300 lakes, rivers and streams to its list of waters impaired by pollution. About two-thirds of Minnesota watersheds have been tested and 40 percent of Minnesota rivers and lakes have been found to be impaired by farm runoff, bacteria, mercury or other pollutants. "Having the knowledge of what percent of our waters are impaired and which particular waters are impaired is important, but what is most important is that we then take that data and information and... Read More »

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